East New York Brooklyn NY, an uprising neighborhood

Multifamily Home Statistics:

Average CAP Rate in this Brooklyn neighborhood is 4.25%.
Average Market Rent is $1,075 with 26.51% properties are owner occupied and 73.49% of renter occupied.
Average Rent Vacancy Rate is 4.54%.
High walkable score for most multifamily homes and moderate crime rate.

East New York – BROOKLYN, NY

This particular neighborhood in Brooklyn, the East New York neighborhood, has some outstanding things about the way it looks and its way of life that are worth highlighting. The East New York neighborhood is very densely populated compared to most U.S. neighborhoods. In fact, with 47,233 persons per square mile in the neighborhood, it is more packed with people than 98.4% of the nation’s neighborhoods. Even if you drive or take transit to your place of employment, many people enjoy being able to walk in their neighborhood. The East New York neighborhood is among the top 5% of American neighborhoods in terms of walkability. Furthermore, if you find historic homes and neighborhoods attractive, you love the details, the history, and the charm, then you are sure to be interested in this neighborhood. Its public-school district is rated C.

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